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Expertise and Solutions

We provide technology that reduces your day-to-day work, boosts your data quality and lets you focus on your core topics.

LeanIX Automation Platform

Data Quality Management

In order to get started with data quality management in LeanIX, you first need to understand the current situation. Which organizations and units are struggling to keep their data quality high?

  • Define quality KPIs and metrics

  • Generate a report in your own corporate design, using LeanIX Reports, PowerPoint or e-mail.



Quality Gap Reminder

Having understood your data quality situation, the next step is to provide your employees a very easy and accessible way to close their own quality gaps.

The quality gap reminder e-mail is the entry point into this process, as it provides to your employees

  • the reason why they need to maintain LeanIX data

  • information about each quality gap

  • clear instructions on how to close each gap.


 Frequent Reminder

As soon as the most critical data quality gaps are under control, you need to set up a scheduled review reminder.

The recurring reminder e-mail provides managers an easy way to check if all subscriptions are still up-to-date and if their own fact sheets are still accurate and up-to-date.


Repository Automation

Scaling LeanIX for large organizations, eliminate manual efforts and keep data quality at a maximum level. LeanIX Automation Platform provides endless possibilites to automate and scale your LeanIX.

Idea 1: If a user creates a fact sheet, this user can be subscribed automatically as 'Responsible'.



Idea 2: Automatically assign tags, relations, values and ACLs based on arbitrary conditions or rules.

Idea 3: Automatically add and manage subscriptions based on the organization model. This enables managers to see their portfolio automatically in LeanIX without any manual data maintenance, and it also provides fallback contacts in case somebody leaves the organization.
Subscription Autocompletion


Idea 4: Send an e-mail alert if somebody removes themselves from a subscription. (Yes, people do this sometimes if they don't see themselves as responsible :)

Idea 5: Send an e-mail alert if somebody archives a fact sheet. People sometimes do this mistakenly, so you can improve your control and check if this deletion was intentional.

LeanIX Scripting Module

This Python Module provides the basis for LeanIX Automation Platform. It enables you to spend less time developing and more time providing value, and can also be used as standalone solution.

  • Native access to the entire LeanIX data model without having to code any API calls
  • Automatically detects your LeanIX meta model and builds all classes and methods accordingly

  • Handles authentication, proxy settings, API paging, fact sheet caching, logging/debugging, error handling and error retry, request simulation

# Load all fact sheets of a certain type
applications = Application.all()

# Get fact sheet by name
user_group = UserGroup("Acme Holding SE")

# Get all processes of an application

# Navigate from Application to
# IT Component to Provider...
  .providers() ...

# Get a UserGroup's Country based on
# its location attribute

# Check a user group for a specific tag
# of tag group "Unit"
if "RnD" in user_group["tags"]["Unit"]...

Browser Console

Run any Python script in the context of your LeanIX workspace, without installing anything on your machine. An API token is all you need, examples are included.

LeanIX Console


Integration Experience

  • IT Service Management: ServiceNow, Spider, USU / SmartTrack

    Strong experience with standard and non-standard ITSM/CMDB/SAM connectors and best-practice scenarios.

  • Business Process Management: ARIS, Signavio

    Bi-directional rich integration with different BPM tools.

  • Data Privacy: OneTrust, Nymity, TrustArc, 2B Advice PrIME

    Bi-directional automatic and semi-automatic integrations into multiple data privacy solutions.

  • Security: Tenable.io, Splunk

    Aggregating infrastructure risk scores into LeanIX, integration with Splunk dashboards

  • Project/Portfolio Management: PlanView

    Close integration with PlanView and similar project management solutions. 

  • HR Organization Model: Active Directory, Workday, SAP

    Automated lookup of management responsibilities in the HR organization model and auto-completion of subscriptions. 

  • Data Integrations: (Master) Data Management, SharePoint, Power Apps

    Integrations with leading and following data management systems and databases. 

  • Event Integrations: Microsoft Flow, Azure Functions, AWS Lambda

    Real-time integrations and automations using your favourite event integration and serverless function platform.

  • ...and many more.

    We are constantly extending our integration experience. If you need anything special, just ask us.