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We provide technology that reduces your day-to-day work, boosts your data quality and lets you focus on your core topics.

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  • Data Quality Management, Automation and Scripting  

  • Integration Experience with the following solutions:

    • IT Service Management: ServiceNow, Spider, USU / SmartTrack

    • Business Process Management: ARIS

    • Data Privacy: 2B Advice PrIME, OneTrust, Nymity

    • Security: Tenable.io, Splunk

    • Project/Portfolio Management: PlanView

    • HR Organization Model: Active Directory, SAP

    • Data Integrations: SharePoint, Power Apps

    • Event Integrations: Microsoft Flow, Azure Functions

    • further integrations on request

LeanIX Automation Platform

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Data Quality Management 

Get insights on data completeness per organization.

  • Reporting formats: Mail, PowerPoint

  • Quality KPIs and metrics can be defined arbitrarily

Quality Gap Reminder

Detects quality issues and informs the responsible persons automatically via e-mail, asking them to close the gaps.

Portfolio Reminder

Asks managers to review their portfolio, e.g. their application list, and to check all responsibilities and lifecycle status.

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Repository Automation

Defend your data quality on operational level by keeping your data consistency at a maximum.

If a user creates a fact sheet, this user can be subscribed automatically as 'Responsible'.

Tags, relations, values and ACLs can be automatically assigned or deleted based on arbitrary conditions or rules.


You receive an e-mail alert if somebody removes themselves from a subscription.


You receive an e-mail alert if somebody archives a fact sheet.

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Scripting Environment

Lightning-fast development of integrations, reports and scripting logic.

  • Python module

  • Native access to the entire LeanIX data model without having to code any API calls

  • Automatically detects your LeanIX meta model and builds all classes and methods accordingly

  • Handles authentication, proxy settings, API paging, fact sheet caching, logging/debugging, error handling and error retry, request simulation

# Load all fact sheets

applications = Application .all()

# Get fact sheet by name

user_group = UserGroup( "Acme Holding SE" )

# Follow relations of a fact sheet

application .processes()

user_group .applications()[0].itcomponents()[0].providers() ...

# Helpers for tags and attributes

user_group [ "location" ][ "geoCountry" ]

if "Holding" in user_group [ "tags" ][ "Company" ] ...

Browser Console

Use your browser to run any Python script in the context of your LeanIX workspace, without installing anything on your machine. An API token is all you need, examples are included.